We are happy to announce the winner of Pamphlet Architecture 35,
to be published in Spring 2015:

Going Live, From States to Systems
Pierre Bélanger

Thank you to all who submitted entries for Pamphlet Architecture 35. There was an overwhelming response to the call for submissions, from around the globe, and jury members Steven Holl, Kevin Lippert, Paul Lewis, Charles Waldheim, and Marion Weiss had a tremendous task to deliberate over the entries.

Honorable mentions are awarded to:

The Problems of Strange Objects, 1641–2014
Michael Young and Kutan Ayata, Young & Ayata, Brooklyn, NY

The Beach Under the Cobblestones
Sergio Lopez-Pineiro, Buffalo, NY

Musicality Messaging / Synesthesia Triggering
Peter Zaharatos, Brooklyn, NY

Embodied Air
Silvia Benedito and Alexander Häusler, Oficinaa, Cambridge, MA

In Hannes Meyer’s Pockets
Andrea Pinochet, Espen Vatn, James Hamilton, and Richard Øiestad,
Vertical Brigade / Hannes Meyer Foundation, Oslo and Stockholm